The origins of the vase

Since the dawn of time the vase has accompanied men in their evolution and remains an essential object. Used as a container to contain foodstuffs or drinks, used for banquets or toilet, used as a decoration element or used as a relic for honor the gods or the dead The vase continues to surprise by its multifunctionality. We will try in this article to determine the origins of the vase and understand the motivations of men to create such an object😊

Ceramic vases

  1. The vase

    The vase is a container that has an opening, it is used to contain a bouquet of flowers or For decoration of a room. It is mainly made in materials such as the ceramic, the glass and many others. Each vase has a decoration which gives it value or which offers a prestige to the object it contains.

    The word vase is a word that comes from the Latin word Go ("vase, pot, dishes")which was created in the 13the century.

  2. The origins

    From prehistory to today the vase crosses the centuries and evolves at the same time as man. The first vases dates from the Neolithic in 6000 BC, at that time the men of prehistory used natural containers: animal horns, shells, pieces of bark, hollow stones etc. The first vase was created when these men discovered that cooking, clay became solid, it was The birth of pottery. We find the art of pottery in all the sedentary populations of the Earth in fact the art of pottery is inscribed in the collective consciousness of humans a phenomenon similar to 100 theoryemonkey 🐵 highlighted by the British biologistRupert SheldrakeIn the centuries that followed, the different populations of the earth began to create vases and use them in their daily lives. Many peoples like the Mayas, Incas, themEgyptian, the Greeks, The Romans, residents of ancient China And many others adorned their drawing vases which gave value and prestige to the vase.Ancient vases


  3. Use of the vase

When the first men discovered the pottery and that they created the vase, its use was primary, the vase was used to contain wood or food. It is much later with the advent of empires that the vase will become a prestigious decoration element. In some cultures the vase will be used mainly by the wealthiest families for banquets, to decorate or for the toilet.

Vases decorated with drawings in noble materials were used to honor gods or some important people. In some cultures the vase is used as a funeral urn to contain the ashes of the deceased💀 Today the vase is used mainly to decorate and contain flowers, in materials such as the ceramicand theglass Mostly.

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