The different types of flowers

Because their beauty is eternal, we decided to list the different types of flowers in this article. Given the infinite wealth of the flora, Here you will find a list referring to the most famous flowers of all.

The Rose

Happiness of flowers - La Rose

The rose is a flower that comes from the rose bush, a type shrub Rosa, of the category of Rosaceae. The rose of gardens is defined by its multitude of nested petals, which characterize its formidable form.

Its beauty and fragrance have been celebrated since the ancient era by many artists, for its scent And his color chart of colors. A real star in garden and bouquets of flowers, the rose has become the queen of flowers in the Western world.The Rose There remains today one of the most cultivated plants in the world and sits on the first place of the flower market.

What is the symbol of the rose?

The rose is the undeniable symbol of love and of passion, the goddess of flowers is an infinite source of inspiration. With its large number of varieties you can declare all your feelings through its bouquets.

The orchid

Happiness of flowers - The orchid

The orchid is A tropical plant from a large family of plants called Monocotyledons. One of the families of the most diverse plants on the planet with Thousands of species Distributed in 850 genres. The varieties of the orchids sold are essentially hybrid and the most common is the Phalaenopsis.

The orchid is made up of flat and thick flowers, its floral shape marries The silhouette of a butterfly. Orchids are precious plants that are available in several colors depending on photosynthesis.

What is the symbol of the orchid?

The orchid is considered to be a symbol of Fertility.   

The lily

Happiness of Flowers - Le Lys

The lily is among the most majestic. The majority of wild species come from the northern hemisphere. Flowers in the shape of trumpets or ofstars are particularly scented. The lilies wears Color shades which range from pure white to the darkest garnet, including pink, yellowish and orange shades.

The Lys is a grassy of the Liliaceae family belonging to the genus Lilium. Today the many varieties of lilies cultivated in the world are hybrid They adorn gardens around the world.

What is the meaning of the fleur -de -lis?

The Lys flower has several meanings, it represents beauty and youth, renewal and Renaissance, fertility and maternity, majestic appearance and royalty, dynamism and passion.

The peony

Flower happiness - peony

Peonies are Tuberous root plants that come from different regions of theEurope, of the'Far East and UNITED STATES. Peonies can be grouped in around forty species. There are species perennials, the species shrubs and species herbaceous.

How to distinguish the different species of peony?

  • The herbaceous peoniesdisappear every winter to reappear in the spring. They are very rustic and are easily cultivated. The best known peony species is Paeonia lactiflora also commonly called peony of China.The peony is available in a large number of varieties, its flowers are simple or semi-double.
  • Peonies Shrubby form small shrubs not exceeding 3.5 m in height. Among the shrub peins there are species Paeoni Luteawith yellow flowers and species PAEONIA SUFFRUTICOSAwhich have large flowers ranging from pink to red, they are available in many shapes and wear very varied colors.
  • Peonies Itoh come from the cross between a herbaceous peony and an shrubbing peony. They are very rustic perennials with new shades and finely cut foliage.

What is the meaning of the peony?

Peony symbolizes, power, feminine beauty, generosity and success.

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