Interior decoration, accommodate your decor with a vase!

How to make a nice interior decoration?

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Happiness of Flowers - La Maison des Tables

Get into the world of the decoration is not easy when our knowledge in this area is not very developed. We are going to take a few minutes to give you some tips so that you can create an interior cozy up to all your expectations.

Whether for a apartment Where a house, it is not always very easy to know how to arrange it. Learn to optimize spaces, create a pleasant atmosphere and make the right choices that respect the budget.

Flower happiness - Vases & flower pots, cozy decoration
First of all you must Determine the decoration styles you love (Modern, Rustic, Baroque, Cozy, Minimalist, Industrial, etc.) when you have determined the decoration style that suits you you can fully start in creating a fabulous decoration! Remember to favor quality decoration pieces that will follow you over time. In a successful decoration, the furniture parts are the most expensive, so before you get into the purchase of furniture Take care to choose them well.

Furniture, lighting, mirror and decorative items: follow the right decoration advice

Happiness of flowers - Vases & flowers of flowers collection of vases
Furniture, lighting, mirrors and decorative items must enter into concordance with The decoration style you have chosen. The harmonization of color tones is also essential, choose light colors because they will have the power to enlarge your room. Dressing your mirror walls is another way to give perspective and scope to your room. Another detail for a successful interior decoration is the multiplication of lighting sources which will help to delimit the spaces of your room and to play with them.
Flower happiness - Vases & flower pots, interior decoration
Happiness of flowers - vases and flowers of flowers, decor f

Decoration objects that will enhance your interior decoration

The Wall decoration objects such as the tables, posters, mirrors and traps will dress your walls by bringing them perspective, functionality and depth. Goods arranged, these decorative objects will give personality to Your decorative universe. You can also add wall shelves to put your books there, vases, statues and other decorative objects. The contrast with a game of materials can also be interesting provided that the partners are good. You can draw all the inspiration from different sites of which are specialized in The universe of decoration On the web, on social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). Your walls can also be decorated with wall lights that will come Press your decoration style with a light game which will sublimate it.

Flower happiness - Interior decoration
Move your decor with a vase

The vase is one of central elements of a successful decoratione, it is important to choose it well taking into account the material, the size and its function, if it is a purely decorative vase Or if you will use it to put bouquets of flowers with water or dried flowers. You also have to take into account the style of the vase. Each decoration style has a vase style, for a modern decoration, you must favor vases with design modern, minimalist and refined, for a bucolic decoration, rustic vases will be privileged and for an industrial loft style decoration metal vases will do very well. These are only examples of the thousands of combinations are obviously possible, it's up to you Make your immense creativity speak 😊. 

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